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Open a business account from your phone. Use virtual and physical debit cards. Send and track certified invoices. Make payments with ease.
In one easy-to-use super-app.
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Rauva Starter

0€/ month

One free invoice and no subscription charge.

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Rauva Charged

8€/ month

Portugal's first business account and certified invoicing tool. Powerful, fast, easy.

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Rauva Supercharged

/ month

Certified Invoices, Expense Management, expert Certified Accounting services, and more. Everything you need to run your business – all in a single, powerful plan.

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The all-in-one solution for your business.

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Rauva Starter

0€/ month

Rauva Charged

8€/ month
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Rauva Supercharged

from88€+ VAT/ month
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Rauva Starter

0€/ month

Rauva Charged

8€/ month

Rauva Supercharged

from88€/ month

Rauva's Supercharged prices are built in a modular way and adapting to the complexity and specificity of each customer. The prices indicated correspond to a specific set of tasks, which allows you to accurately estimate the cost of the work.

Open your business account online. Protected. Trusted. Safe.

Send and track certified e-invoices. Mandatory in Portugal. Done with ease.

Manage your expenses effortlessly with real-time data.

Access all your business insights. With education along the way.

Open your account

Get set up in minutes.
From your phone. Without going to the bank.

Your Virtual Card

Get our virtual card for payments in the palm of your hand.

Get your debit card

Get your physical debit card in the post. No more queues.

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Make Invoices Easy

Send certified e-invoices, invoice receipts and credit notes. Embedded on your phone. Beautifully simple.

Manage Your Clients

Centralise your operations and manage everything in one place. Bye bye paperwork.

Track Your Invoices

Track invoices on one clean dashboard and see when they are received, paid and overdue.

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Useful Insights

Categorise, track and understand your finances.

Spend less time with your accountant

Effortlessly organise your business documents.

Make expense management easy

Get all your expenses summarised in one report. Automatically sent to your accountant each month.

Understand your finances

Access all your business insights for easier decision making in one simple dashboard.

Real-time Notifications

Alerts to keep on top of spending limits, budgets and business expenses.

Expand your knowledge

Get access to jargon-free educational content to supercharge your business.

Guaranteed. Protected. Secure.



Your funds are held with a top-tier financial institution. Untouched by Rauva, and insured by the FGDR.

Data protection

We’re commited to keeping your personal data safe, and we’re transparent in how we collect, process, and store it.


Your account and transactions are protected by 2-factor authentication, ensuring that only you (and only you) can access your money.

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Rauva is partnered with Swan who will be providing all payment services to Rauva clients. Rauva does not have access to client funds. Funds are kept in accounts provided by Swan, held in BNP Paribas. Swan is an EMI, based in France, supervised, and regulated by ACPR/Banque de France. Swan is authorized to carry out such services in Portugal and registered with Banco de Portugal under the registration number 7893.
Rauva is a certified accounting firm, but is not a certified legal services provider. As such, Rauva does not provide legal services. Rauva acts as an intermediary who facilitates the introduction to our customers of legal services partners who are legally registered and certified in Portugal. A list of Rauva’s partners can be found here.