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The problem

It’s complicated, confusing and time-consuming to send certified invoices in Portugal.  For B2B e-invoices, you have to apply for a unique series of invoice numbers from the government in advance of issuing an invoice.

Then you need to use certified software to produce a QR code on each invoice, including an ATCUD code.

Rauva does all of this for you. In one easy-to-use app.

The easiest way to send and track invoices.
So your business grows faster.

Make invoicing easy

Send certified e-invoices. Everything embedded on your phone.
Beautifully simple.

Track your invoices

Track invoices on one clean dashboard and see when received, paid and overdue.

Manage your clients

Centralise your operations and manage everything in one place. Bye bye paperwork. 

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs.

"When it comes to business accounts in Portugal, Rauva offers a revolutionary approach"
Raquel Batista
"Rauva is a dream come true"
Thiago Schettini Mari
"For me, Rauva is the ultimate solution for making things easy"
Daniel Silva
"Rauva is a solution to a bureaucracy heavy and process driven banking system that will ease doing business in Portugal"
Tom Lloyd Owen
"Rauva is a new kind of approach business accounts, helping tackle the biggest challenges for small companies and entrepreneurs"
Nuno Miranda

Still not sure?

What type of businesses does Rauva onboard?

For the time being Rauva can onboard:

  • Freelancers
  • ENI (Sole proprietor)
  • Single-Member Company
  • Limited liability Company
Is Rauva's invoicing compliant with AT (tax authority)?

By partnering with InvoiceXpress, we can guarantee that the invoices created with Rauva are certified and fully compliant with the AT (Tax Authority). The certification process ensures that our invoices are legally binding and follow the the regulatory standards for invoicing in Portugal, giving our clients peace of mind.. Additionally, our partnership allows for seamless integration between multiple platforms, which gives our clients one place to handle their business account, manage their invoicing and accounting needs. This integration leads to increased efficiency and productivity for our clients, allowing them to focus on growing their business without worrying about the complexities of invoicing and compliance. Overall, our partnership with InvoiceXpress provides a compliant, comprehensive and reliable solution for all invoicing needs.

How safe is my money with Rauva?

Rauva, associated with BNP Paribas, follows regulations set by ACPR/Banque de France to ensure the safety and stability of the French financial system. The ACPR was established by the French government in 2010 to ensure banks comply with supervisory regulations and safeguard client funds. By adhering to these regulations, we guarantee your accounts' security.

To keep your money safe, we follow a strict rule: Rauva cannot access it. Your account is personal and only you can access your money. Even if Rauva goes away, your money will still be available to withdraw. We only work with Tier-1 banks in Europe, such as BNP Paribas, to ensure your money is in the best hands. Your account is protected by law and insurance against bankruptcy and external creditors of Swan and Rauva.

Additionally, in the unlikely event that BNP Paribas ceases to exist, the French Deposit Guarantee and Resolution Fund (FGDR) guarantees all accounts up to 100k EUR per person, regardless of whether it's a business, individual, or freelancer account. Your hard-earned money will always be protected.

What is the difference between Rauva and other apps?

Rauva is a business super-app for entrepreneurs that offers you several advantages. Here are its three main features:

  1. Mobile-Only: Rauva operates entirely through its app, allowing you to manage your finances from your phone.
  2. User-Friendly: The app is designed to be easy to use, with clear visualizations of your finances and intuitive menus for transactions.
  3. Super-App: Rauva is more than just a business account. Along with managing your finances, you can send certified invoices, track expenses and use accounting tools (coming soon).

Rauva helps make entrepreneurship accessible to all by providing a modern and user-friendly banking experience, so you can focus on growing your business.

What if Rauva doesn't fit my needs?

With Rauva, you can open a business account in 5 minutes, on your phone, and enjoy a 30-day free trial. If you don’t find Rauva useful for your business, you can cancel at any time. Always transparent. No hidden fees.

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