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  • Get a debit card in the post and instant virtual debit cards

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Our banking partners are regulated by the European Central Bank (ECB).


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Rauva´s banking partners are regulated by the European Central Bank (ECB). The safest way to store your funds in Europe and protected with maximum security.

Free physical and virtual debit cards

  • Cash withdrawals in Portugal and across the EU
  • Simple card activation
  • Control spending per country
  • Control e-commerce spending
  • Easily cancel and order new cards

The features you asked for

  • SEPA payments
  • Manage and track direct debits
  • Virtual and physical card payments
  • Email and push notifications
  • Categorise transactions and expenses
  • Add notes to transactions and expenses

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Rauva is partnered with Swan who will be providing all payment services to Rauva clients. Rauva does not have access to client funds. Funds are kept in accounts provided by Swan, held in BNP Paribas. Swan is an EMI, based in France, supervised, and regulated by ACPR/Banque de France. Swan is authorized to carry out such services in Portugal and registered with Banco de Portugal under the registration number 7893.
Rauva is a certified accounting firm, but is not a certified legal services provider. As such, Rauva does not provide legal services. Rauva acts as an intermediary who facilitates the introduction to our customers of legal services partners who are legally registered and certified in Portugal. A list of Rauva’s partners can be found here.