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Rauva's Roadmap

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Published at 23 September 2023

Hey Rauva Pioneers!

Welcome to Rauva’s Roadmap. We will use this article to keep you informed about the headline features we’re working on, how they will benefit you and when they are planned to be released. You can also check out our Release Reviews in Blogs to find some more detail about what we are releasing, which will explain some of the smaller features and improvements we have completed each fortnight.

The main features we’re focusing on right now are:

Send and receive international payments

UI/UX invoicing improvements  

Multi user access

Open banking 

Client Hub

Less than 2 months 

Send and receive international payments 

This is one of the features we know is most needed right now. Being able to send and receive payments from abroad when working with international clients is a must, which is why we’re working on getting this to you ASAP. With this feature, you will be able to send and receive payments with all major currencies through Rauva, with one of the best rates around as we will be partnering with a leading provider in this market. 

UI/UX invoicing improvements 

We have partnered with InvoiceXpress to offer certified invoices, which you can send and manage with a few clicks. We are pushing hard to make this journey as seamless as it possibly can be, saving you valuable minutes and stress when getting paid by your clients. We are constantly rolling out UI/UX improvements to make sure this happens and are particularly focusing on this in the next month.  

Less than 3 months 

Multi user access

For businesses with more than one partner, we know it is vital for more than just one person to access the account. This ensures that actions can be taken quickly and the business runs faster. This release will enable that, allowing other partners of the business to access their own version of the app and make actions like payments (card and SEPA), invoicing and expense management. 

Less than 4 months 

Open Banking 

Open Banking is growing in popularity across Europe and has the potential to revolutionise banking and payments. We are partnering with one of Europe’s biggest players to allow our customers to aggregate their other bank accounts in Rauva, to be able to view all transactions in one place and therefore manage all business expenses in one place, through Rauva. 

Secondly, we will allow customers to make payments from their other bank accounts from Rauva, opening up the type of payments our customers can make for things like Multibanco and specific tax payments. 

Client Hub

At Rauva we want to save businesses hundreds of hours each year in wasted admin time. By uniting all your clients into one Client Hub, we will allow you to build a system to manage and organise your clients details, chase payments, analyse which ones are the most impactful for your business. 

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Rauva is partnered with Swan who will be providing all payment services to Rauva clients. Rauva does not have access to client funds. Funds are kept in accounts provided by Swan, held in BNP Paribas. Swan is an EMI, based in France, supervised, and regulated by ACPR/Banque de France. Swan is authorized to carry out such services in Portugal and registered with Banco de Portugal under the registration number 7893.