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11 Marketing and Branding Stats you Need to Know in 2023

By Rauva

Published on 31 January 2024

5mins read

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An important part of running any small business is keeping up to date with trends on the ways your customers buy, browse, source and respond.

Purchasing habits can vary enormously depending on who your target market is, which makes it all the more important to really nail down exactly who you want to sell to. 

Here are 11 marketing and branding stats for 2023 that you can, and indeed should, know to apply to your next marketing campaign.

1. Social Media Influence

  • **Stat:** A whopping 71% of consumers are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals.
  • **Takeaway:** Strengthen your social media presence and encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experiences.

2. Video Content is King

  • **Takeaway:** Incorporate engaging video content in your marketing strategy to enhance customer engagement and boost traffic.
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3. Mobile Shopping Surge

  • **Takeaway:** Optimize your online store for mobile users to tap into the growing market of on-the-go shoppers.

4. Email Marketing ROI

  • **Takeaway:** Invest in crafting compelling email campaigns to maximise your marketing ROI.

5. Instagram’s Gen Z Appeal

  • **Takeaway:** Tailor your Instagram content to resonate with the Gen Z demographic and build brand loyalty.

6. Google’s Baby Boomer Attraction

  • **Takeaway:** Optimize your website for search engines to reach the Baby Boomer generation effectively.

7. Customer Reviews Matter

  • **Takeaway:** Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and promptly address any negative feedback.

8. Personalisation Preference

  • **Takeaway:** Personalize your marketing messages and offers to enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales.

9. Sustainability Sells

  • **Takeaway:** Highlight your brand’s sustainability efforts and consider incorporating eco-friendly practices.

10. Influencer Impact

  • **Takeaway:** Collaborate with relevant influencers to extend your brand’s reach and enhance credibility.

11. Chatbot Communication

  • **Takeaway:** Implement chatbots on your website to provide round-the-clock customer support and improve user experience.


Armed with these stats, you can refine your marketing and branding strategies and connect with your target audience.

Always make sure you stay up to date with the latest trends and consumer behaviours, and don’t get stuck in your ways. Tactics that worked well in 2018 might not work well today, and be ready to pivot to connect with your customers wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing! 

Onwards entrepreneurs! 

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Written by Rauva

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