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The complete package to start your business

We offer you a complete package to create your business and manage your expenses and accounting every month.

Create your company

Stress free. 100% online. Guided by our Certified Legal Partners.

Open a business account

Open an account online in minutes. Get a European IBAN. Enjoy financial management tools linked to your business account. Everything you need, all-in-one subscription.

Personal certified accountant

Our accounting service is provided by Certified Accounting Partners -- a team of experienced accountants supported by Rauva's technology. Streamlining your financials and ensuring effortless financial management.

Run your business smoothly with
Rauva Supercharged

Rauva business account
Open an account online in minutes
With a European IBAN
Make SEPA payments
Get physical and virtual debit cards
Certified invoices
Send certified invoices
Track your invoices
Manage your clients
Compliant with the Portuguese law
Expense management
Manage your expenses easily
Alerts for missing information
Automated invoice matching
Streamlined monthly reporting
Certified accountant
Monthly bookkeeping
Tax preparation and filing
Monthly financial reports
Consultancy services & compliance

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Everything you need
to launch and run your business

Subscribe to our Supercharged account package and your company creation legal fees are on us!

Create your company from

420€*+ VAT

*Estimated price.

Estimated cost for a standard company creation.

  • State Fee
    220€ + VAT
    / one time fee

  • Supercharged plan subscription
    200€ + VAT
    / monthly

  • Legal fees to create your company
    Included with Supercharged

  • Custom company name
    Included with Supercharged

  • Rauva business account
    Included with Supercharged

  • Certified invoices
    Included with Supercharged

  • Expense management
    Included with Supercharged

  • Accounting provided by our Certified Accounting Partners
    Included with Supercharged

Save875€by signing up with Rauva!

*This estimation is based on a standard company creation. Fees may vary.

Create my company

The first all-in-one partner to create your company. 100% online. Leave the legal fees to us.

Open your company in 4 simple steps

Step 01


Kickstart your company creation by answering a few questions about your project.
Step 02


Our Legal Partners gather the necessary information to create your company profile (copy of your ID, proof of NIF & address, etc). They provide you with a Power of Attorney to sign, granting them the legal right to create your company.
Step 03

Company creation

Our Legal Partners will navigate the bureaucracy, handle legal documents and create your company on your behalf.
Step 04

Business account & Certified Accountant onboarding

We help you open your Rauva Supercharged business account and onboard you to your Certified Accountant.

We can help you in many ways

Make sure you are ready to legally start a business and everything else is on us.
What documents do I need to start a business in Portugal?
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Here is the list of mandatory documents:
  • Proof of your current address
  • A Portuguese address for your company (don’t worry if you don't have one, we can get you a virtual address)
  • Personal NIF number (we can get this for you too!)
  • If you live outside of the European Union you will also need a tax representative.
Interested in getting started? Create your company with our Certified Legal Partners!
How much are legal fees to create a company in Portugal?
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"When it comes to business accounts in Portugal, Rauva offers a revolutionary approach"
Raquel Batista

Your questions answered

Quais são os diferentes tipos de empresas que posso criar através da Rauva?

Quais são os dois tipos de regimes contabilísticos?

O que é que está incluído ao colocar a minha empresa no plano Supercharged por 200€ por mês?

Como é que posso garantir que o meu contabilista certificado é nomeado 15 dias após a constituição da minha empresa?

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