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Supercharged Autopilot

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Premium accounting and finance support to your business



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The perfect business account and card to simplify your business in Portugal



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Starter offer + certified invoicing and expense management tools

Supercharged Lite



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Charged offer + certified accounting, all integrated in one place. No more stress.

Supercharged Enterprise


/ month
High volume accounting plan to handle bigger companies

Current prices available for new Supercharged users and prices are modular, depending on the accounting usage of each user. Discount displayed are calculated against sum of item-level accounting prices and are subject to change in the future. Reach out to our support team for further information.

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Rauva is partnered with Swan who will be providing all payment services to Rauva clients. Rauva does not have access to client funds. Funds are kept in accounts provided by Swan, held in BNP Paribas. Swan is an EMI, based in France, supervised, and regulated by ACPR/Banque de France. Swan is authorized to carry out such services in Portugal and registered with Banco de Portugal under the registration number 7893.
Rauva is a certified accounting firm, but is not a certified legal services provider. As such, Rauva does not provide legal services. Rauva acts as an intermediary who facilitates the introduction to our customers of legal services partners who are legally registered and certified in Portugal. A list of Rauva’s partners can be found here.