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Rauva Release Review 1: August 11th 2023

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Published at 23 September 2023

Hello everyone, welcome to the first edition of the Rauva Release Review

These articles will be posted fortnightly and will summarise all the hard work our team has done releasing the features and functionalities that you’ve asked for. 

We update our app twice per week and are trying to move as fast as we can to manage all your requests and feedback - please keep them coming! 

If you want to get in touch with anyone from the team, please set up a meeting with us using this link (we can chat to you in Portuguese or English), or by emailing [email protected]

The main areas of focus in the last couple of weeks have been Plans, Invoicing, Communications and Proof of Transaction.


New Supercharged plan, unlimited invoices and upgrade pan 

The big news with our Plans is that we’ve added a Supercharged plan, which has everything included in Charged, plus a certified accountant, for just 200€ p/m. If you’re interested in hearing more about this, please get in touch with our team here.

You might have also noticed we’ve updated our Plans, meaning that users on the Charged plan can now send UNLIMITED invoices, all included in the 8 EUR p/m fee. We have also upped the SEPA limit to 50 p/m. 

We hope these limits are appealing to those of you on our Starter plan, so you can also upgrade in-app to Charged now in just a few clicks. 


Edit your client invoice information now directly in-app

We know that receiving payments from your clients smoothly is vital to running your business, so we are working hard at making invoicing as easy as possible. That’s why over the last couple of weeks we’ve enabled the ability to edit clients after creating them, just in case they change their details or you made a mistake the first time. 

Additionally, we know we had some mandatory details on there which some of you didn’t need, such as the NIF, so we have removed that requirement. 

Proof of Transactions

Send clients the proof of your transaction

This has been a much requested feature, so we’ve built it for you. If you select a transaction, you’ll be able to see the option to view and download the proof of that transaction. These documents are really important if a vendor asks about your payment to them and you need to send confirmation, for example. 

Email and notification communications  

Failed payments, Direct Debit warnings and card reminders 

We are constantly working on our email and notification communications to make sure that our users stay aware, educated and up to date with their business. 

In the last two weeks we have added a Payment failure notification to let you know why a payment might not have gone through, an upcoming Direct Debit warning and a notification for Starter users to remind them to make a card transaction to avoid the 3 EUR fee. Remember, users need to make one card transaction to ensure there’s no monthly charge! 

That's all for this fortnight. We will get back to work on building something that makes entrepreneurship easily accessible to everyone and I will update on our progress in two weeks time!

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